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Aberdeenshire Councillor’s approve the £80m Golf Development and new housing at Ury Estate

April 29, 2016

Ury Estate Mansion Clubhouse

Councillors in Aberdeenshire yesterday voted 45-20 in favour of the development.

The golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus has been approved as part of an £80 million Scottish tourism development on Ury Estate. Part of the development by the FM Group involves the derelict Ury mansion which is to be converted into a five-star hotel and clubhouse.


Mr Nicklaus said: “on behalf of everyone at Nicklaus Design, we are delighted with the news of the council’s approval.”

Mr Nicklaus said his aim was to design a course which “complements and celebrates” the north-east’s golfing heritage. He added: “We hope the golf course will be an enormous source of pride for the community, and provide a golf experience at Ury Estate that will only enhance tourism and strategic growth, but will absolutely protect and even enhance the existing environment.

“The reason we play golf is the game provides us an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy it. Golfers love the environment, we want to protect it and enhance it. Ten years from now, we want everyone to consider good stewards of the land.”

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